Guest list: Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers

This year, I’ve asked a few Phoenix-area musicians/people of interest for their year-end, best-of lists: albums, songs, whatever. This installment comes from Charlie Brand, frontman/writer for Miniature Tigers, who released the excellent Tell it to the Volcano in August.

Brand offers up a list of the albums he listened to most in 2008, whether they were released this year or not. Of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House, Brand told me, “I discovered it late in the game. One of my favorite and most listened to albums of the year.”

Department of EaglesIn Ear Park (4AD)
Of MontrealSkeletal Lamping (Polyvinyl)
Beach HouseDevotion (Carpark Records)
Alvin BandMantis Praying
Harry NilssonNilsson Sings Newman (RCA Victor Europe)
Grizzly BearYellow House (Warp Records)
Elvis CostelloArmed Forces (Hip-O records)
The Kinksentire catalogue
PortistheadThird (Island)
Van Dyke ParksSong Cycle (Rhino/Warner Bros.)

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