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OK, I’m trying to clean house around here, and that includes sprucing up the ol’ blog roll. Am I missing your blog? Am I totally oblivious about a site to which I should be linking? Please, holler at me. We’ll swap links and we’ll all be happy.

Yeah, I bought this … wanna make something of it? Frankly, I think the humor in Beavis and Butt-head is a lot more clever than it was ever given credit for. I think we can all agree that Mike Judge, who is repsonsible for Office Space and King of the Hill, created a fine piece of pop culture in Beavis and Butt-head.

If you’re going to buy the DVD set, be warned: It’s NOT divided into seasons. A little letter inside the package from Judge explains that it is the first volume of two-thirds of the show that he felt “didn’t suck.” Episodes were selected by him, thus “the Mike Judge Collection.”

I’m excited for next Saturday, which brings the Grand Cayenne Music Festival to Mesa Amphitheatre. The lineup:

Spoon, Mates of State, Black Heart Procession, Go Big Casino (side band of Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins), The Album Leaf, Hello Goodbye, Earlimart and Reubens Accomplice, to name a few.

Most of my posts/mp3s next week likely will focus on the bands playing this show. There’s also a potential special announcement in the works regarding this show. Stay tuned.

For now, a taste of an Arizona band I previously have posted on, Reubens Accomplice.

Get a video of Reubens playing at a Western Tread records showcase here.

3 thoughts on “Links and loose ends”

  1. hey, def. link me on your site. I linked you a while ago and I check your site out a few times a week.

  2. I saw Death Cab last night (11/11 at the Wiltern in L.A.) and it was a bad show. Be thankful they played well in Tempe, because it was like watching mechanical men play and Ben was off…I dunno…it’s hard to explain what went wrong.

  3. Hey man — don’t apologize for bein’ a Beavis & Butthead fan (& certainly not a Mike Judge fan!) I mean come on, B&B brought us Conrnholio. And what about the episode where they’re watchin Dee Lite’s Groove is in the Heart video and get all hopped up when Bootsy appears. “BOOTSY!! Bootsy rules.” “Bootsy KICKS ASS!!”, etc. dramatic pause. Butthead turns to Beavis, deadpan “Bootsy’s from outer space.” “yeah.”


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