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(Note: Blogger went a little haywire for a few hours Monday night and was not accessible. So I’m going to leave this up as the top post for a little bit today. But fear not, I’ve got some Rogue Wave radio performances for you.)

My wonderful wife, Annie — a die-hard devotee of Arcade Fire after we saw them twice in Austin in September — tipped me off about an Arcade Fire concert from Sept. 29 that was going to be broadcast Sunday on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current, which is a great station and also just happens to stream content online.

Lucky for you. The 11 tracks are from Arcade Fire’s performance at First Avenue in Minnesota, which includes a cover of David Bowie’s Five Years. Sure you can get it at the iTunes store. But wouldn’t you rather get it here and then donate money to support Minnesota Public Radio that brought you this fine broadcast?

Some favorites of mine in this set include No Cars Go, Laika and Wake Up for the encore. Also the melding of Power Out and Rebellion (Lies) is great, so I just left it as one mp3.

If you leave a comment, my wife is to be thanked. You may love her as much as I do after you hear this.

The Arcade Fire, live at First Avenue (9/29/05, via The Current broadcast):

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
2. Crown of Love
3. Headlights Look Like Diamonds
4. No Cars Go
5. Haiti
6. Neighborhood #2 (with some intro chatter)
7. I’m Sleeping in a Submarine
8. Five Years (Bowie cover)
9. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
10. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)/Rebellion (Lies)
(check out botched intro; pretty funny. Win says “boo yaa.”)
11. Wake Up

21 thoughts on “Live Arcade Fire set”

  1. Were you guys at the Stubb’s show and then the ACL performance? Those shows were awesome. I met Richard and Jeremy from the Arcade fire that sat, they were standing next to me watching the Frames.

  2. Thanks to you and your wife for this wonderful gift. Unfortunately, i cant get the links to work for some odd reason. Never happened to me before…

  3. Argh! The poor quality is hurting my ears! Wish I’d downloaded just one track as a test first. Does the iTunes version sound this bad?

  4. Anonymous No. 1, you’re very welcome.

    Anonymous No. 2, if you’re going to d/l 11 songs — oh, 11 free songs — that someone put a bit of work into, at least have some tact in your criticism. But thanks for commenting.

  5. Hello, Anonymous 2 here again. Sorry for being perhaps a little over the top with my last comment but the ossilating voume was making me feel seasick. I was just a little disappointed after the excellent iron and wine/calexico gig – thanks very much for that one!

  6. That kicked ass. Thanks a ton. Saw them open for U2 in November here in Ottawa, Ontario. They are simply amazing.

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