Rogue Wave on The Current

My new obsession is Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current. You can listen to audio streams at a high bit rate, and the station has had pretty excellent in-studio appearances, all of which are archived. (You can support the station here.)

But, you say, the archives aren’t in mp3 format. Well, this is why you come here, yes? I delved into the archives and plucked Rogue Wave’s appearance to convert to mp3. I’m eagerly anticipating Rogue Wave’s Dec. 15 show in Phoenix at Modified with sourceVictoria and Mazarin.

So consider this a preview before the preview next week, when I’ll have RW’s in-studio performance from WOXY and hopefully some new sourceVictoria tracks. (The Rogue Wave setlist includes two songs from the 10:1 EP.)

Rogue Wave, in studio at The Current, Nov. 23, 2005:

1. Publish My Love
2. Bird on a Wire
3. 10:1

Just wanna give a shout-out to all the fine peeps who have linked to me the past couple of days (and slap me if I forgot ya): Dodge (who has a raunchy new contest for you), Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear, Muzzle of Bees, Chromewaves, Brooklyn Vegan, Largehearted Boy, FREE Williamsburg, The Test Pilot and the Perm and the Skullet. Go visit all of them.

>>By the way, Bears are 9-3. If there’s any proof to the cliche that defense wins games, it might be true with this team. Kyle Orton tossed for 68 yards, 0 TDs and 1 interception in Sunday’s win over the Packers at Soldier Field (finally!). I’m feeling pretty good about this team after reading what longtime Bears-killer Brett Favre had to say: “All the years I’ve played against them, I think defensively this is as well as I’ve seen them play. They’re just good.”

17 thoughts on “Rogue Wave on The Current”

  1. Hmm… ezarchive links aren’t working for me. Is it just me? If so, I’ll crawl back under my rock and shut up.

    Thanks for all the great stuff lately!

  2. It must be an EZArchive problem, because I’m having trouble getting anything from them right now.

    Going to see Rogue Wave tonight in Atlanta at the Earl…

  3. I loves me some Rogue Wave they are playing here with Mazarin (who was here last month) and it should be an incredible show. I too am titlated.

  4. Whoa. I should be at The Earl tonight too. Say hey to the dude with glasses in the Cubs hat. I’ll probably be taping, assuming I make it to the show.

  5. Rich,

    How are you taping shows? Holler at me via email.

    Goose, you may be right. But after the past two years, I’ll take a trip to the playoffs.

  6. Anon,

    Yup. I am in Phoenix. We’ll be there. Be sure to get there for sourceVictoria. I’ve got close ties … OK, the lead singer is my brother. Hoping for lots o’ people, though it doesn’t take much to pack that space.

  7. Cbotwell,

    I use Audio Hijack Pro for my Mac. Sometimes I use Audacity, but AHP has a real easy interface.


    Going to see them next week. Glad to hear the rave reviews!

  8. wow! look at all that stuff! methinks i will be spending some quality time with this archive as well — thanks for the tip!

  9. Kevin—hope you know I only slapped you cuz you asked for it (literally). I link your site in my posts pretty often because you put up a lot of quality stuff. Thanks on behalf of myself (and my readers) for exposing us to such good music. Peace.

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