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So about a little more than a week after the boys in Tapes ‘n Tapes played for KEXP from SXSW, they found their way to the Seattle radio station for another in-studio. Because I’m not as fortunate as some people, who have seen Tapes about 37 times in the past couple of weeks, this will have to do for now.

Meanwhile, the trip to LA is but a day away. Mmmmmm, we’re gonna see the National on Wednesday with the Drunkard and his wife (but dinner and drinks first). We’re gonna hit Thai Town and eat ridiculous amounts of Thai food and probably haul some back to Arizona. (My wife and her family are Thai and they bring a cooler on these trips to LA. I’m serious.) We’re gonna see Jax. And I’m going to spend many hours in Amoeba Records.

Anyway, on to the Tapes.

Tapes ‘n Tapes, on KEXP, 3/25/06:

1. Cowbell
(Might be a little bass-y; not sure if that’s my recording or the studio engineer.)
2. Omaha
3. Insistor
4. Jakov’s Suite

(With a little clarification about how to pronounce the title.)

Elsewhere …

On a totally non-music-related topic, a parking lot next to the building where I work in downtown Phoenix is being torn up, for it will be the future site of some monstrous hotel. This lot sits between our building and our parking garage, which offers about a block of walking in between.

The walk from the garage to the building was lined with these towering palm trees that I suppose (living in Arizona) I took for granted. That is, until I saw what the construction company did to them in the leveling process. There was no uprooting and transferring of the trees. Nope. They just sawed them off, leaving a row of helpless palm tree stumps. The portions that were cut have been chopped into smaller pieces to, I assume, toss or mulch or something. I’m no Sierra Club activist or anything, but the visuals made me kinda sad.

It makes me appreciate Wolf Parade’s Modern World (mp3) even more:

“Modern world don’t ask why/
Cause modern world will build things high/
Now they house canyons filled with life.”

A few pics of the Palm Tree Massacre below:

9 thoughts on “More ‘n more Tapes ‘n Tapes”

  1. If the National puts on as good of a show as they did in Chicago last week you guys are in for a real treat. Have a good time.

  2. Since when is a Palm a rare botanical species? It isn’t even native to the Sonoran Desert, nor does it offer much use, other than looks exotic and pretty to the tourists. I look at dateless producing Palms as one giant Pigeon nest.

  3. I cant wait to meet you in a few days! Palm tree massacre is horrible. It would have been understandable if it was just a few trees abut that looks like the hacked down and entire grove. Whatever happened to city beautification projects and conservation

  4. when SF redid Market St awhile bak they brought in shallow rooted Palms, that could easily be transplanted that ran 10,000 to 40,000 bucks each…

    th fools !

    coulda sold those babies at least and made some dough

  5. Those palms look to be Phoenix dactyliferas which are one of the cheapest and fastest growing palms commercially grown. Just in looking at the stump and a few of the chopped up pieces they were probably about 10-20 years old. They are extremely inexpensive and the cost to box them and relocate them would have far exceeded the cost of using new palms the same size.

    The palms in SF that M refered to are Phoenix canariensis and do run 10-40k. They also grow about 10x slower thus the additional expense.

    Sorry to get carried away. It isn’t everyday I get to use my landscape architecture skills on an indie music blog.

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