Mr. Lif on KEXP (7/16/06)

There never will be another Chuck D. But this year has brought us some of the best work by two emcees who are the torchbearers of Public Enemy’s anti-establishment rhetoric: Boots Riley of the Coup and Mr. Lif.

I just got into Lif’s newest LP, Mo’ Mega (on Definitive Jux), on which he takes on the FCC, Bush and even McDonald’s (The Fries). During the KEXP interview, Lif said he wrote For You to the children he’s “not sure if I’ll ever have” – a statement (upsetting as it is) about his disgust with the government.

As for the production, well, Mo’ Mega has El-P’s fingerprints all over it: gritty beats that complement Lif’s serious yet steady flow.

You can buy Mr. Lif’s albums at The Pharmacy, Definitive Jux’s digital download store. Also, Lif is on tour with Cage. We’re gonna be checkin’ that out at the Pitchfork Festival in a little more than a week.

Lastly, kudos to KEXP (check out the blog here) for bringing in the underground hip-hop and exposing it to a wider audience.

Mr. Lif, live on KEXP, 7/16/06:

1. Brothaz
2. The Fries
3. For You

2 thoughts on “Mr. Lif on KEXP (7/16/06)”

  1. ditto on the thanks. personally, i’m still disappointed that Lif moved from Beantown down to (my former stompin’ grounds of) Philly, but a man’s gotta do . . . (his girlfriend is there and all).

    p.s. “check’s in the mail.”

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