Sunset Rubdown EP on eMusic

eMusic continues to give us reasons for its greatness: a five-song, eMusic-only EP from Sunset Rubdown (aka Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade).

I’m downloading it now as I continue to (slowly) warm up to Sunset Rubdown. (Obligatory pitch: Get it with a trial of 25 free downloads. That’s the EP, plus 20 more songs, jack. And you keep ’em all. And then you’ll end up subscribing like I did – $9.99 for 40 downloads a month.)

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5 thoughts on “Sunset Rubdown EP on eMusic”

  1. looks ike it’s about time i get an emusic account, i don’t want to miss out on some new sunset rubdown, perhaps it’s for the best…thanksfor the heads up

  2. Snake’s Got A Leg and the EP are definitely NOT eMusic only — they were released by a label in British Columbia, Global Symphonic. The full-length came out last year, while the EP was sort of a “Thank you, now we’re going to Absolutely Kosher”…

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