Z-Trip: theme from movie “Infamy”

So, DJ Z-Trip, a favorite in these parts, has got a pretty massive update on his recent doings at his (newly redesigned) Web site. For starters, he’s parted ways with Hollywood Records, which put out his major label debut Shifting Gears (cop it here). But Z says he’s meeting with other labels who have expressed interest. Stay tuned …

In the meantime, Z-Trip is staying busy with his usual assortment of remixes and collaborations. One of his more intriguing projects that I was totally unware he was involved with is a remix of scored music for the 2005 film Infamy, a documentary that follows seven people immersed in the graffiti subculture. It’s directed by Doug Pray, who is responsible for the excellent DJ documentary Scratch, in which Z-Trip is featured prominently.

As part of the tweaking at his Web site, Z-Trip will be making music and videos available for download. His remix of the Infamy movie theme is the first. Grab it!

DJ Z-Trip | Infamy theme remix (mp3 in a zip file)

DJ Z-Trip vs. Run Run Run: “Fade Into You” (mp3)
Z-Trip’s MySpace

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