MySpace as a musical muse

Not only is MySpace the favored site of online predators everywhere, it apparently is inspiring hip-hop artists to put the pen to the pad. No, the revolution won’t be televised. It will be sent through a MySpace bulletin. (And if you don’t know who the guy in the picture is, you obviously haven’t wasted as much time as you should on MySpace.)

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this phenomenon – yes, two songs (that I know of, anyway) about MySpace counts as a phenomenon. Now, I’ll be really impressed when someone writes a song about the soap operas on Craigslist’s “missed connections.”

In Add Me, Portland, Ore.-based emcee Pete Miser begs to get in with the popular scantily clad girls with “cell phone photos of their butt and breasteses.” It’s like we’re seeing MySpace as a reflection of the high school caste system: “Add me, please, can I be your friend / I promise I won’t stalk you again.”

Gym Class Heroes spin their version more like a modern romance on New Friend Request, off the just-released As Cruel As School Children: “Who cares if we don’t know each other’s last name / all I know is that I’m smitten with your pictures wishin’ you would feel the same.”

Pete Miser | Add Me
Gym Class Heroes | New Friend Request

Of course: Pete Miser on MySpace; Gym Class Heroes on MySpace. Online predators (and anyone else) can find me on MySpace here.

Pete Miser (w/four mp3s)
Pete Miser Scent of a Robot video

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  1. You need Demetri Martin’s “I’ve Got 5000 Friends” from The Daily Show, too.

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