Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, Part II

Before Part II of the Neko Case show that NPR All Songs Considered broadcasted on Sunday, I just have to say thanks. I’m about 99 percent certain that I set traffic records yesterday in both page views and visitors. I’m not sure if it was that link from Dodge (definitely), the Neko stuff (probably) or my abundant supply of wit and charm (um, yeah, probably not) … either way, thanks for stoppin’ by.

To celebrate, here’s a picture of my cat, Sadie, which has nothing to do with anything, except for maybe that Neko’s sometimes-backing band is the Sadies:

On to the music, which includes my Neko favorite, Deep Red Bells, and a cover of Bob Dylan’s Buckets of Rain, for which I am indebted to Hello Gina for so kindly sending me when I once made a passing mention of my adoration for Neko.

Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, 4/9/06:

Songs 1-7.

8. Dirty Knife
9. I Wish I Was the Moon
10. The Tigers Have Spoken
11. Maybe Sparrow
12. Margaret vs. Pauline
13. Buckets of Rain
14. Deep Red Bells

8 thoughts on “Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, Part II”

  1. Sadie appears to be a Maine Coon, no? I have had two –they are the sweetest cats.

  2. Infinite,

    No word back from Nada. I’m still eagerly anticipating.


    I’m not too sure the breed. As for being sweet, hmmmmmm. Sadie loves us, but she can be a little skeptical of strangers. She has a bad reputation, but when she’s just lounging around the house wit us, she’s awesome. She likes hanging out wherever we are. She’s gotten really sweet in her older age.

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