Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, Part III

Whew. OK, here’s the last of the Neko Case set on NPR. Pay special attention to the ridiculous banjo work of Tempe’s own Jon Rauhouse on Wayfaring Stranger. I’m telling you, besides playing one of my favorite instruments (pedal steel guitar), that guy is really amazing. He’s worked with Neko, Giant Sand, Calexico and a host of others. We’re proud to call him one of ours.

Today’s random picture brought to you by my 1-year-old niece, Eliot:

Hope everyone is enjoying this set. Major props again to NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, 4/9/06:

Songs 1-7.
Songs 8-14.

15. Hex
16. That Teenage Feeling
17. Furnace Room Lullaby
18. Hold On, Hold On
19. Wayfaring Stranger
20. Look for Me (I’ll Be Around)
21. John Saw That Number
Second encore
22. Knock Loud

16 thoughts on “Neko Case, NPR Live Concert Series, Part III”

  1. thanks for all this huuuuge effort!! neko case is SO great and I’m glad there are so many bloggers willing to share her music!

    (you guys should do that with rachael yamagata, too, btw ;-))

  2. thanks for the music. it sounds great.

    i heart neko.
    i heart so much silence too!!

  3. thank you thank you! i’ve been listening to the whole show download on repeat– your work makes it easier for me to listen to favorites songs.

  4. Wow, I found out about your wonderful gift through a post on the PORCHLIGHT message board…many big thanks from me for sharing these files!

  5. Anon,

    I divvied up the mp3 available from NPR. My dividing doesn’t compress any further. So NPR’s recording originally compressed to 128.

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