New Tom Vek: A Chore (video)

Tom Vek - A Chore

Aaaaahhh, 2005. Do you remember? The second wave of music blogs – including this one – were sprouting up and we were all drunk on promotional CDs, determined to find the Next Great Myspace Band. We swore the good times would never end. Yes, those were heady days in the blog(spot) world – before Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook ruled the world. And before Blogger started crushing our souls and erasing sites without warning.

I, for one, devoured most everything that came through my mailbox and inbox. Bands and artists came and went, but many left an impression. One of ’em was Tom Vek, a young Londoner who quite successfully meshed synth pop and rock on his bustling 2005 album We Have Sound.

It was all a little jagged and a little raw but still danceable (the remixers loved it and Pitchfork sorta did, too). I couldn’t wait to hear what Vek would do next. Turns out, waiting is all we would do.

I guess, according to his new official bio info, this five-plus-year hiatus was all part of a master plan: “Following the justification of his debut album’s reception, Vek wanted to fulfill the idea of a ‘multi-faceted individual’ and remain in complete control of his creative output. An artist with a unique and singular vision, Vek has a systematic way of working. The second album’s creation was two-fold: a 3 year set-up period followed by a 2 year stretch of musical output. A process encapsulated up in the album’s title, Leisure Seizure.”

In other words, Vek has a new album called Leisure Seizure due for digital release on June 7. Whether 2011 will be as kind to him as 2005 was remains to be seen. But this new track, A Chore, is off to promising start.

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  1. You put a couple Vek songs on the 2005 end of year mix and they were some of my faves. I will def. check this out.

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