Off to Tucson …

Before I hit the lovely Interstate 10, with two hours of desert and sun and 110 degree weather between here and Tucson, I leave you with some recommendations (hopefully, Buckner pictures to follow tomorrow, unless I’m running off to Tempe to see Brendan Benson):

Gorilla vs. Bear hooks you up with dirty-girl music and pictures, to boot! (And check out his Lollapalooza wrap; I think Chris is going to be an honorary member of Digable Planets soon.)

Welcome to the Midwest offers up a new Death Cab for Cutie track from the forthcoming LP Plans.

South of Mainstream made my day (no, week) on Monday with a little vigil to Champaign, Illinois’ finest, Hum. You remember “Stars,” and you liked it.

Soul Sides has a new Nas track, on which he takes 50 Cent to task. Nice.

Go visit Dodge … just because. He’s got a monster recap of Lollapalooza, and I’ve even forgiven him for skipping out on Z-Trip.

No music at Post Secret, but check it out: Homemade anonymous postcards with peoples’ little secrets. It’s very intriguing. (I’m sending one in to confess that I looked at those Gorilla vs. Bear photos today — twice.)

For cool photoshop-ish art, check out Tik. He hooked me up with a jpeg that I’m gonna blow up into art for the pad AND we share the same name.

Chris is motivating me to dig up more vinyl, so I promise more remixes (mostly hip-hop) next week. …

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