Q-Tip on MySpace?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Went out last night with our peeps Jay and Carrie, who promises she’s going to draw me some day soon. (She’s got mad artist skillz.) Anyway, Jay alerted me to the possibility of a MySpace page for Q-Tip, formerly of A Tribe Called Quest. We questioned its legitimacy, as fake MySpace pages are all too easy to create.

I tried to come up with reasons to believe it’s real and reasons to believe it’s fake.

It’s real:

+ A streaming track, Move, which I’ve never heard.
+ Listed under top 8 friends on Tribe’s MySpace page (along with Michael Rapaport, who actually is not on The White Rapper Show).
+ Linked from a Q-Tip Web site, www.qtiponline.com, which is found on Tribe’s MySpace page. That site also includes a stream of a track, For the Nasty (feat. Busta Rhymes) that was on the NBA Live ’06 soundtrack; see below.
+ Tribe reunited for a tour last fall, so Tip could be back in the game.
+ Linked from Q-Tip’s Wikipedia page.

It’s bogus:

+ MySpace layout – blinking stars and what not – is garish and reeks of poor taste.
+ Links to www.q-tip.com, which is “coming soon.” Why not link to the aforementioned and somewhat functional www.qtiponline.com?
+ Not listed in former Tribe cohort Phife Dawg’s top 8 on his MySpace page even though there is room for one more. Ouch.
+ A corny-ass Bonita Applebum MySpace contest; Q-Tip really wouldn’t sell out one of Tribe’s greatest tracks like that, would he?
+ No pictures other than the artwork I swiped above.
+ Linked from Q-Tip’s Wikipedia page.

Sooooo, what to believe? I’m leaning toward thinking it’s legit, but I dunno. If not, I just wasted a lot of cyberink on a fraud. Lemme hear your thoughts.

Also, if anyone has a lead on the album Q-Tip recorded under the moniker Kamaal the Abstract that was shelved, I’d love to hear it. A box of cookies will be paid for your generosity.

  • Q-Tip (feat. Busta Rhymes) | For the Nasty

3 thoughts on “Q-Tip on MySpace?”

  1. I can’t access MySpace right now, so I can’t look to give an educated opinion, but I can say that I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “Move” before on a soundtrack or something a while back. If I do some digging I might even own a copy.

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