Saturday @ Hollywood Alley, Mesa

It’s been a minute since I’ve talked up the local scene here in Phoenix. There’s a great show Saturday in Mesa that, sadly, I will be unable to attend. Jobs that require working on nights and weekends are the pits.

Anyway, the lineup is as follows: Sweet Bleeders, LetDownRight, sourceVictoria and Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl. (I’ve been unable to find any Web presence for LetDownRight, which features former Trunk Federation front man Jim Andreas.)

I’m aiming to post some mp3s from all bands by Saturday. To start, here’s a taste of Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, a duo from Bisbee, a former copper-rich mining town in the isolated southeast corner of Arizona. That could help explain Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl’s sparse, acoustic fare.

Check out more at 727 Records.

Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl | Lung Lady
Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl | Juneberry

One thought on “Saturday @ Hollywood Alley, Mesa”

  1. Kevin, Thanks for the heads up on Nowhere Man. They canceled a Modified apperance last month, so it’ll be good to catch them this time. I believe they play at a resturant called “Delectibles” located, 4th Ave in Tucson, on a regular basis.

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