Sweet Bleeders/sourceVictoria on Saturday

Annie and I spent Thursday night carousing at a swank Scottsdale club – ahem, act like you’ve been here before – to celebrate the new issue of a friend’s magazine (oh, complimentary Skyy vodka drinks … you know we’re all up in that!). Then we hit our friends’ house to practice a little blackjack for our Vegas trip in August. We played spoons, too. If last night was any indication, I’m going to lose my ass on blackjack. But if they have spoons at the casino, I’m golden.

As promised, some more mp3s for the great show on Saturday night in Mesa that I, sadly, will be missing. I strongly urge anyone in the Valley to check it out: Saturday at Hollywood Alley with Sweet Bleeders, sourceVictoria, LetDownRight and Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl.

Sweet Bleeders | Betterplace

sourceVictoria | The End is Just the End

I sorta know someone in sourceVictoria … and totally proud of it.

Also …

The great Stateside Presents is bringing the Clientele to the Rhythm Room on Aug. 17 and Centro-Matic to Modified on Sept. 2.

Centro-Matic | Triggers and Trash Heaps

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