Cold War Kids, on KEXP, 6/20/06

There’s been a great run of in-studio sets lately. If you haven’t visited already, rbally has Jose Gonzalez’s set from KCRW, including the interview (Jennings, you damn overachiver!).

Cold War Kids hit KEXP yesterday, just a mere four days after we saw them in Tucson. The KEXP set pretty much confirms my initial impression of them. That is to say, I enjoy their somewhat spastic compositions and the bluesy co-mingling of piano/drums/bass/guitar. Hopefully, a full album is in the works.

Cold War Kids, on KEXP, 6/20/06:

1. We Used to Vacation
2. Robbers
3. Saint John
4. Hospital Beds

Recap of Tapes/Cold War Kids/Figurines in Tucson.
Spank Rock on KEXP.
KEXP blog.

Also …

I first heard about Elvis Perkins via the KEXP Live Performances Podcast. Then Stereogum posted on him yesterday, and I had his While You Were Sleeping pretty much on repeat all night at work. That’s no lie.

Elvis Perkins | While You Were Sleeping (via Stereogum).

And here’s a random photo I took on the way out of Tucson last week:

2 thoughts on “Cold War Kids, on KEXP, 6/20/06”

  1. heh that aint no unique stop sign there.

    I think it wouldnt hurt to get interviews sometimes, I rather like listening to the interviews, especially on all the Stars KCRW, KEXP sessions I have. Its always nice to hear what the artists have to say. (I was a bit dissappointed because I didnt have TBLLT interview, it was nice, i watched it on KCRW website)

    Keep up the great ripping though, I love the Jason Lytle rip (Underneath The Weeping Willow = love)

  2. BTW, if anyone is ordering the Cold War Kid EPs any time soon, they are backed up a few days (I only hope). I ordered my EPs more than a week ago and was just told that there was a mis-print on the 4000 CDs produced and they are hoping to get the new shipment soon. HOLLA!

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