Birdmonster, WOXY Lounge Acts, 6/16/06

Before Chris beat me to it, I really planned on getting this set posted in a prompt manner. Honest. However, as is the practice around here, I’ve split the one file WOXY offers into individual mp3s.

Until I can convince the Birdmonster boys that a show in Phoenix is really in their best interests, I’ll have to live off this set, which is packed with tremendous energy. Is it just me, or is there a lot of Springsteen in these guys? That is not a complaint. I admire the heft that drives the guitars and vocals on these tunes. Balcony is my favorite.

Check out Birdmonster’s blog. Or catch them on tour. Buy their debut LP No Midnight.

Birdmonster, WOXY Lounge Acts, 6/16/06:

1. Ice Age
2. ‘Cause You Can
3. The Bar in the Back of the Basement
4. Balcony
5. Resurrection Song
6. Spaceman

Jason Lytle on WOXY.
Clogs on WOXY.Rogue Wave on WOXY.

I enjoyed this essay at The Big Takeover about how more (read: easier) access to music has fractured our love of albums, a topic I often think about when I buy music faster than I can consume it. McSweeney’s summed it up nicely in a recent recommendation:”Listening to that CD you haven’t heard in a while straight through
It seems like, in the era of digitized music, you never listen to a whole album straight through. Try it with something you haven’t heard in the last three years. Sounds fresh, doesn’t it?”

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