Saturday is for … videos?

Today’s post title is inspired by the great Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands, where Saturday is actually for covers, a great feature for the weekends, when not too many folks are posting.

Combined with the fact that I’ve yet to really explore the world of music videos on this site (mostly because a couple of my peeps already do that quite skillfully), I’m going to attempt to make Saturdays a day for videos. I’ve got some old VHS tapes that need transferring to digital format, so hopefully this will inspire me to do that.

Videos certainly take a certain amount of patience and concentration. More than that, though, watching videos is mostly a stationary exercise, unless, of course, you own a video iPod (which I do not). That’s probably part of the reason I’ve neglected posting videos on this site. Listening to music, as opposed to watching it, allows for a certain amount of multitasking. Videos pretty much require your undivided attention. Me, I’m an antsy person. I like to move, even if I’m not really going anywhere in particular. Ben, Eric and, more recently, Chad have grabbed my attention by posting videos. So … why not give it a shot?

Anyway, today’s selection is for The Raconteurs’ Steady, As She Goes, and although I don’t quite have the credentials to pass a critical eye on video direction, this is a grainy, motion-sickness-inducing piece of visual art. Love the song, but seriously, pass the Dramamine.

More disconcerting: What’s with the top hat Brendan Benson is wearing?

Here’s the QuickTime link for the video.

4 thoughts on “Saturday is for … videos?”

  1. Actualy I’m begining to think that Jack has been slowly turning himself into Whacko Jacko (Michael Jackson). The man most diefinately needs some sun and to loose the long locks, so I guess looking like Jodi Foster’s sis is a plus. As for Brendan, not sure on the Abe/southern gothic look? BTW Kev, where you at the Brendan Benson show last year in Tempe?

  2. jack white is one odd, odd looking dude. there is a feature on the raconteurs in the new rolling stone, and I was like, wow, that’s one ugly band.

  3. every time i see a picture of any of the raconteurs i want to say, wash your hair! they’re nice looking fellas–i think–but they need to release the grease in a big way.

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