Silversun Pickups on KEXP

So, the album I’ve been eagerly awaiting, Carnavas from Silversun Pickups, is making its way to mailboxes of bloggers everywhere. Our good friend Dodge has a couple of tracks posted. And I do believe Chris may be posting a track today.

For some reason, I thought I had posted this KEXP set, but it appears I did not. (FYI, KEXP has a blog. Check it out. It’s good.) Anyway, I have posted on Silversun before, and I have a feeling I will again in the future. The band even included my post on the press section of its Web site. I’m flattered, and I’m hoping like hell they make that short jaunt from LA to Phoenix for a show. (Hi, Dangerbird Records. Hint, hint.)

I’ll spare you my ramblings about the fuzzy guitars, shoegaze revival, blah blah. Listen. I also have a KEXP set from Silversun’s performance at SXSW. Requests, anyone?

Silversun Pickups, Live on KEXP, 9/26/05:

1. … All the Go Inbetweens (my favorite)
2. Kissing Families
3. Comeback Kid
4. Lazy Eye

2 thoughts on “Silversun Pickups on KEXP”

  1. I sure do appreciate you posting KEXP stuff. Just for a moment my eyes saw the name Silver Sunshine, the superb new californian band, but alas no. Silversun Pickups are entirely new to me but on the evidence of these four great tracks they are a band i am going to dig, so thank you for turning my ears towards them, i’m going straight over to the side bar and heading over to their site now….
    Jaylia Strange

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