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Great, great show last night by Soul Position. I realized it’d been some time since I’d been to a real fun hip-hop show, and SP fixed all that. I also highly recommend opener Blue Scholars from Seattle.

[mp3] Blue Scholars | No Rest for the Weary
(thanks to tmwsiy* for this track!)

I also briefly chatted up Blueprint at the merch table. Seriously nice guy. He even put a card I gave him in his wallet. Can’t wait til he cleans it out and is like, “What the f*** is this?” (Tosses into trash.)

Pics aren’t all that great for a couple of reasons: a) We stayed back by the bar, so I was kinda far away; b) We stayed back by the bar, so I was kinda drunk. I know flash is annoying, but I had to use it ’cause I was far back. Anyway, some dude in Jesus sandals took umbrage with that: “You know, you can turn that off.” I later took a picture of him (with flash) because he irritated me. Maybe he’s reading this. Hi, Jesus Sandals Guy!

RJD2 rocks a trigger drumpad around his neck with “technology on his head.”

Blueprint and RJD2.

We like RJD2.

Jesus!! Sandals.
And just to prove that I’ll incriminate myself, here’s a photo that pretty much destroys any hopes I had of public office:

Hey, who’s the clown in the ironic T-shirt? Oh, it’s Royce!

Elsewhere …

Seattle station KEXP has a blog. Read it.

And a shout out to Jason, who works at Zia Records and I met last night. He didn’t even laugh when I bought Van Halen’s 1984 on vinyl.

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  1. I saw this show a few weeks ago and it was great. If Edan is coming your way, see him at all costs. Seriously 10x more fun.

  2. Dope Kev! Blue Scholars are great I have had them up a couple times on my blog. They are from Seattle which I am sure you know.

    Good to hear that soul position was good.

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