Spank Rock “Sweet Talk” w/remixes

Taking a break from the radio rips (for a day … Elbow on KEXP to come, I promise), I’m introducing you – well, actually myself – to Spank Rock. Seriously, all I know about Spank Rock I learned from Dodge and Ben.

I do know this track Sweet Talk is the hotness. It’s funk, it’s hip-hop, it’s club, it’s bass, it’s beats. If I could dance, I would. Plus, that stuttering guitar line reminds me of something James Brown’s JBs might have whipped up back in the day.

I particularly enjoy the Xxxchange Re-Edit … again, more funky guitar lines, horns and hand claps. I do love hand claps oh-so much. And this is what I love the most: A genre of music I normally might not dig (electronic/club/dance) pulls me in with elements of hip-hop and funk. How do you say no to that?

Pick up Spank Rock’s YoYoYoYoYo (that’s five of ’em if you’re scoring at home) at Big Dada.

Spank Rock | Sweet Talk
Spank Rock | Sweet Talk (Kalbata Remix)
Spank Rock | Sweet Talk (Xxxchange Re-Edit, f. Anthony Barba)

3 thoughts on “Spank Rock “Sweet Talk” w/remixes”

  1. kevin, where were you when i posted this in february? just kidding. you should check them out if you can. live show is incredible.

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