Elbow on KEXP, live from the Triple Door

Tired of Elbow yet? Yeah, neither am I, especially after hearing this set on KEXP. I’ll continue to push Elbow until you give in and realize their greatness. … Is it working yet? … What about now?

Anyway, this wasn’t just another in-studio job. No, this was one of the Seattle station’s “Behind Closed Doors” sets hosted by the Triple Door. In other words, it was pretty much a full-on live set. The sound mix was incredible. I just hope my recording didn’t blow out the low end too much. I can never tell on my miniscule (read: pieces o’ crap) speakers on my eMac.

On that note, if anyone has suggestions/recommendations for speakers for my Mac, please let me know.

Elbow, Live on KEXP from the Triple Door, 4/11/06:

1. The Stops
2. Fugitive Motel
3. Leaders of the Free World
4. Red
5. Great Expectations
6. Mexican Standoff
7. Puncture Repair
8. Switching Off

19 thoughts on “Elbow on KEXP, live from the Triple Door”

  1. Happy happy joy joy. Thanks Kevin this is as you say “really” good. In fact it’s really really good. I mean really really really good. Elbow are a band currently at the pinnicle of their creative game and their latest album is without doubt their finest so far. Here is a perfect example of how bloggerdom should work. Those of us who already know the myriad qualities of this fine band will burn this gem, the KCRW session from last week (and, if we are really on the ball, the three XFM tracks you posted a few weeks back) together and happily slot it into the Elbow collection already on our shelves with pride and happiness in our hearts. Those of us who are still Elbow virgins will, hopefully, say, “Oh wow,I never even realised what a truly spiffy band Elbow are, now let me run screaming to those handy dandy side links Kevin so thoughtfully includes and track down and buy everything I can find by this now newly cherished beat combo, as if my very life depended on it.”
    Yep, that’s how this good gumbo works. Thanks Kevin
    Jaylia Strange

  2. There’s no finer band than Elbow – thanks so much for your dedication in promoting them!!

    Can’t wait to see ’em again tomorrow night in NYC…

  3. gosh, i hate to disagree, but i find elbow kind of boring. i got their “leaders of the free world” cd after under the radar magazine gave them a 10/10, and was underwhelmed. it’s nice, i like it, but i can’t seem to make myself play it more than once. what am i missing?

  4. I would comment but I’m kind of incoherent with joy. LIVE ELBOW! Suddenly I’m no longer exhausted and uninspired.

    thank you danke xiexie merci!


  5. Well, the best thing you could do would be to run a mini-plug to RCA out of your headphone jack and hook it into your real stereo system… if it’s in the same room, that is.

  6. What’s with all the stuff from KEXP and KCRW? It’s good, but now there’s no point signing up for their podcasts..

    That aside, what do you use to split the files? I use MP3Trimmer and it takes ages. What can you recommend for the Mac.

  7. hey laws,

    worst. comment. ever. that doesn’t make any sense.

    and i can tell you exactly what kevin uses to “split the files”: magic.


  8. I’ll explain Chris;

    So Much Silence was the first blog i ever read, and i thought it was sweet. So inspired was i, i had a go myself (and even half-inched the colour scheme), but now it seems the point of SMS is to regurgitate the output of KCRW, KEXP, and now AOL’s the Interface verbatim (albeit split up into seperate tracks). I can do that myself.

    Clear enough?

  9. Kevin is doing a fine job of posting radio shows for all of us out there who cannot work out how to download streams to edit. And don’t think i do not spend whistful hours gazing at the beyond my reach archives of various radio stations. Not all of us are computer literate wizz kids, some of us are just music lovers who are grateful to get these treasures. Even when i do eventually work out how to do this myself, i’ll still be happy to see Kevin continue to provide such an important service. Clear enough?
    Jaylia Strange

  10. Clear enough Jaylia.

    Kevin is still at his best when he’s compiling spreadsheets about Pitchfork’s Music Festival, and lamenting the chopping down of nearby palm trees (complete with photos!). His obit. for Kirby Puckett was great too. I found myself caring about a guy i never heard of who played a sport i’ve never even seen.

    Now everyone calm down.

  11. Whoa, whoa … Thanks for the heated words. Laws, I’m really flattered that mine was the first blog you ever read. That’s insane given all the great ones out there. Thank you. Also, thanks for the kind words about the Pitchfork/palm trees/Puckett posts. That means a great deal because those are ones into which I’ve put a lot of thought/effort, perhaps straying from the usual indie mp3 stuff.

    My point of doing the radio shows was pretty much what the others said: Just to split them up into digestible portions for everyone. Not all the KCRW/KEXP performances are available on the podcasts. And if I rip them from the Internet stream, the sound (at 128 kbps) is marginally better than their podcast (96 kbps).

    Laws, trust me, there’s more than just radio rips to this. There happened to be a good run of bands on shows, and I just sort went with it. Hopefully, you’ll keep reading.

    Jaylia, thanks for your continued support and comments.

    Thanks y’all. Put down the boxing gloves!

  12. Just found this blog, thanks to links from Powder Blue. Thanks for posting the radio sessions. I’m exceedingly bummed that I can’t make it down to NYC tonight for the show…listening to these is taking some of the sting away.

  13. I have to say, for this blog, you are my hero. I love Elbow, have seen them twice in the last six months, and they haven’t let me down yet. Agreeing with the first comment, I’ve had LofFW since it came out, and have fallen in love with it, it’s their best album yet by a long shot, and was my favourite of last year. Thanks for this set, I’m only on the first track, but already it’s made my day.

  14. those of you still thirsting for more elbow after the veritable feast kevin has bequeathed us lucky kids recently should head over to The Cowmonkey blog toot sweet where they have just finshed a week long elbow rarities and radio covers download extravaganza
    Jaylia Strange

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