The Raconteurs on AOL’s The Interface

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but what makes Dodge such a cool cat (among other things) is his thorough grasp on all things music and Internet. Yesterday, he introduced us (well, me at least) to AOL’s podcast The Interface, which hosts in-studio sessions/interviews.

Already, The Interface has hosted Editors and The Raconteurs. As is habit around here, I’ve cut up the three songs performed by The Raconteurs for easy digesting. But head over to the site and listen to the interview, in which Jack White reveals he came up with the name after reading an article on Mike Wallace. In said article, Wallace was called a “raconteur” or, as defined by Webster’s online: “a person who excels in telling anecdotes.”

Anyway, it’s a pretty nice set, if not a little stilted. The version of Steady, As She Goes changes tempo from the original and almost feels off-rhythm at points. Still good.

The Raconteurs, on AOL’s The Interface:

1. Yellow Sun
2. Steady, As She Goes
3. Blue Veins

10 thoughts on “The Raconteurs on AOL’s The Interface”

  1. Very nice. I’m no fan of the White Strips but i am a huge Brendon Benson fan and it is his involvement that gets my interest and not Mr. White’s as such. I think Jack’s best work will come outside of the obvious confines of the White Stripes.
    Jaylia Strange

  2. i/m a huge white stripes and brendan benson fan, but i agree w/ Jaylia…jack white’s best work could and should potentially come from this band. brendan benson is the pop genius he needs.

  3. Hmmm…I like this work much less than the White Stripes. But if you like saccharin pop rather than pixies-esque experimental albums go for the Raconteurs.

  4. I vote “hands,” not one of the three tracks you posted obviously, as vying for the most mediocre song of the year so far.

  5. thanks for posting those separate tracks for us dweebs with dial-up. you saved me 3 hours it would have taken me to download the entire podcast.

  6. The raconteurs album is fantastic – up there with the new flaming lips one, and a step up from both the brendan benson and last white stripes, although I really enjoyed both. Brendan Benson is too pop for me normally (although when he’s great he is great) but having jack White around has given him the courage to play around more, and the results are superb. This could be a great band, and I hope they continue.

  7. where can i get the ORIGINAL version, and NOT the acoustic??

    just curious

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