Stinkweeds’ Top 10: July 15-22

Here’s the top sellers at Stinkweeds for the week of July 15-22.


1. The Hold Steady – Stay Positive (Vagrant)
2. Beck – Modern Guilt (DGC)
3. Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust (XL)
4. Fleet Foxes – s/t (Sub Pop) // MP3: White Winter Hymnal
5. Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer (Sub Pop) // MP3: Language City
6. Melvins – Nude With Boots (Ipecac)
7. Hercules and Love Affair – s/t (DFA)
8. Daedelus – Love to Make Music To (Ninja Tune) // MP3: Touchtone
9. Earlimart – Hymn and Her (Shout Factory) // MP3: Song For
10. Patti Smith/Kevin Shields – Coral Sea (Pask)

ALSO: If you’re interested in picking up either the Fleet Foxes ($7.99) or Wolf Parade album ($5.99), check out Amazon’s sale on the Sub Pop catalog. (FYI, that is not a commissioned link, so click away!)

5 thoughts on “Stinkweeds’ Top 10: July 15-22”

  1. it’s kinda wack that you’re making a point to highlight an indie record store and then linking everyone to a sale at Amazon. Sorta defeats the purpose of supporting the mom & pops.

  2. Good point, Scott. But is there not a link to Stinkweeds as well? People can pick where they want to buy. Anyway, shouldn’t we be celebrating the opportunity for people to BUY instead of STEAL?

  3. Sigh… it’s sad that this is the logic we have come to. I want the 90s back, when it was simply a matter of supporting independents over corporations, rather than commerce over theft.

  4. Oh please. Kevin is giving free publicity and a link to a (wonderful) independent Phoenix record store. So what if he also provides a link to Amazon? Some people would rather have an MP3 immediately than drive to the store. And most SMS readers don’t even live within driving distance of Stinkweeds.

    Stores like Stinkweeds will either succeed or they won’t. But pretending that MP3 can’t be bought legally on the Internet now isn’t much of a business plan.

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