The Cloud Room in Phoenix, April 2

Some good shows continue to pour into Phoenix, including this April 2 date for the Cloud Room at Rhythm Room, another Stateside Presents offering.

By now, you’ve all got the scoop on the Cloud Room, right? Jesus, I hate to link to Pitchfork, but here ya go. It’s actually a decent story. Anyway, I’m usually telling my wife to listen to this band or that band. But when she came home one day and said, “Have you listened to the Cloud Room?” I had no clue who she was talking about. She heard the insanely catchy Hey Now Now on Sirius and was hooked.

Of course, the trick with a band who punches out a great track is to get past that song and find some meat on the rest of the album (buy here), which I do believe there is on the group’s self-titled debut. I’m sure you know where to find Hey Now Now (maybe even at the group’s Web site). Here’s a couple different tracks:

(For those in Phoenix, tickets can be purchased here for a scant $7.)

The Cloud Room | We Sleep in the Ocean (highly recommended)
The Cloud Room | Blue Jean

One thought on “The Cloud Room in Phoenix, April 2”

  1. That pitchfork article on the Cloud Room was pretty weak I thought. How many hundreds of other bands have the EXACT same story? Write a catchy song, sign with a label who isn’t as supportive or as financially stable as they could be, band doesn’t hit it big, band can’t figure out why, blames label and “unfortunate circumstances” but is determined to keep trying now that they’ve been through so much. I think what we’ve forgotten in this era of Clap Your Hands Say HYPE! is that it takes a minute for artists to develop and fame doesn’t happen overnight. or maybe we do only have our 15 minutes. hopefully it still takes more than just a single song to make a career. on the other hand, it is a pretty catchy song. . .

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