The Coup: new track

Spine Magazine hooks us up again. This time, it’s a new cut from the Coup called My Favorite Mutiny, featuring Black Thought of the Roots and Talib Kweli. I love this track, especially the piano loop. But — and I may take some heat for this — I’m not a huge fan of Talib Kweli. Not sure how to describe it. I’ve tried to like him, I just don’t. Oh well.

The Coup | My Favorite Mutiny
The Coup | The Shipment (from the classic Steal this Album)

4 thoughts on “The Coup: new track”

  1. first, you punk ass biyaches!

    haha. maybe if we keep doing this people will think our blogs are important.

    this coup track rules, i almost posted it today.

  2. i’m not entirely feeling the track. i’ll keep trying it on.

    i know what you mean about kweli. especially in the last few years i can’t stomach half the stuff he puts out.

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