The New Pornographers on NPR’s Live Concert Series, Part II

So here is Part Deux. For those who listened to the full file (available at NPR here), what’s up with A.C. Newman? For the first three or so tracks, he said nothing in between songs. During the second half, the guy suddenly can’t keep quiet.

That’s not a bad thing. I kept the chatter before The Body Says No because he takes some pretty funny shots at bands “where guys sing … they make me sick.” He rattles off a few bands (all worthy of sickness) then mentions that he’s going to get ripped on the blogs. Maybe at a Fall Out Boy fan site, but not here.

Anyway, thanks to NPR’s All Songs Considered. Again, get the full file here.

Also, our friend Everett at Good Weather for Air Strikes says All Things Go likely will have the Belle and Sebastian set.

The New Pornographers, NPR’s Live Concert Series, 3/6/06:

8. Testament to Youth in Verse
9. The Body Says No
10. Breakin’ the Law
11. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
12. The Bleeding Heart Show
13. Sing Me Spanish Techno

Also …

  • Reminder: Ian Love CD giveaway.
  • The Baseball Card Blog is quickly becoming my favorite non-music stop. Seriously. I have a stash of baseball cards (mostly commons) that I have no idea what to do with yet I don’t want to throw them away. Wish I would have thought of this first! Great site for anyone who dabbled in card collecting.
  • On the heels of The New Pornographers/Belle and Sebastian Web cast, NPR turns around with Clap Your Hands (here) on Wednesday. NPR says it will be available for download. Good stuff.

3 thoughts on “The New Pornographers on NPR’s Live Concert Series, Part II”

  1. Thanks for this – I know dividing the files up can take a heap of time so it is greatly appreciated.

    I have a feeling that ACNewman became so chatty because he needed to fill up time until B&S came on. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue – the bands would just start and finish anytime they wanted – but because they were going on the radio they needed to fill the slot as best they could (that was my impression anyway)

  2. I was at that show…it seemed that much of the time when he was talking, he was busy adjusting the guitar strings or swapping out an instrument. And then there was a long period where cut his hand and they were trying to bandage it up. Kind of a weird performance that night.

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