The Rosebuds live (via KEXP)

Well, a bum EZArchive thwarted my attempts to post on Thursday, as I’m sure you found out at quite a few other sites.

I had a two-parter planned that will just have to be condensed into a single bohemoth post, and it’s a good one. Thanks to Chris and Eric, I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with The Rosebuds and their new album Birds Make Good Neighbors. I’m not sure I’ve listened to a catchier, more accessible album than this in the past couple years. The melodies go round and round in my head all day. Check out Eric’s awesome post on Top Ten Vocal Moments on Birds Make Good Neighbors That Don’t Consist of Real Words.

So here’s their Nov. 13 show from Seattle’s Triple Door, brought to you by KEXP.

1. Hold Hands and Fight
2. Outnumbered
3. Back to Boston
4. Let Us Go
5. Unwind
6. The Lovers’ Rights
7. Shake Our Tree (w/crowd participation)
8. Blue Bird
9. Leaves Do Fall
10. Boxcar
11. Wildcat

10 thoughts on “The Rosebuds live (via KEXP)”

  1. awesome. they did that crowd participation thing w/ “shake our tree” when we saw them in dallas. glad you fell in love w/ these guys too.

  2. Thanks for this. And this unhealthy obsession . . . I think quite a few folks suffer from it given the number of appearances made by “Birds Make Good Neighbors” in end of year lists.

  3. I just finished listening to this show. So, so great. And I just recently picked up the album–I can’t stop listening.

    Three cheers for year-end lists that introduce me to new music.

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