The Walkmen: I Lost You (new song)

Kudos to Pitchfork’s Forkcast (whose links, by the way, absolutely do not click through in my RSS reader) for posting today about the Walkmen’s appearance on WNYC’s Soundcheck, where Hamilton and Co. previewed two new songs.

I’m guessing the distant, cave-like sound effect is not intended but merely a part of the mix. Nevertheless, I did my best to capture the stream and boost the sound a bit. If indeed the Walkmen get a new album out this year, I’d be one happy camper. Not that I’ve tired of A Hundred Miles Off, which I was just listening to the other day; I’m telling you, All Hands and the Cook is one of the group’s best.

This new one carries on the best parts of the Walkmen: fuzzy nostalgia in the writing, boozy vocals and the almost-eerie Dylan-like inflections in Hamilton Leithauser’s voice.

  • The Walkmen | I Lost You

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