Kidz in the Hall: The Grizzly Man
(Two Weeks sample)


It seemed like just a matter of time before Grizzly Bear’s precious Veckatimest was mined for sampling purposes. Unless I missed something, looks like Kidz in the Hall won the race to be first.

As part of a free EP coming out on Dec. 8 — Professional Leisure Tour — Naledge and Double-O tap the fairly obvious choice, Two Weeks, for a track called The Grizzly Man.

Piggybacking on Grizzly Bear’s wave of popularity is a smart idea, if not a little forced. Naledge’s rhymes sound a little clunky over the sped-up tones of the familiar piano loop. But Double-O makes great use of the vocal hooks an an intro and bridge between verses.

(via OnSmash)

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(Two Weeks sample)”

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