Not the 1s (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker): Fly As Fuck


If we have learned anything in this age of Odd Future think pieces, it’s that rap takes itself too damn seriously. No, seriously. Lighten up.

Everyone could learn a lesson from Not the 1s’ Why You Cryin?, an eight-track offering of party-rap swagger (out digitally now on Gold Robot Records).

I mean, what is there to question or decipher when, on a track like Fly As Fuck (which we’re premiering here), you hear a line like this: “Rolling down the street / bumping Humpty Hump / out the fucking trunk / and it fucking thumps.” Coupled with bass-rattling production from Young L of the Pack and a guest verse from Tucson’s own Isaiah Toothtaker, Fly as Fuck flaunts a back-to-basics style that Not the 1s embrace throughout the album.

Check out a few more tracks, and download Fly As Fuck below.

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