110 Percent: Van Pierszalowski (WATERS) on the Dodgers, A.J. Ellis and how music ended his baseball career

The sixth installment of 110 Percent, a series in which I talk to musicians about sports, features Van Pierszalowski, the former frontman of Port O’Brien who launched his new project, WATERS, with a great debut, Out in the Light, last September on TBD Records. Pierszalowski loves the Dodgers more than anything (even Lil Wayne) and […]

WATERS (ex-Port O’Brien): For the One

I was a latecomer to Port O’Brien, a band whose 2009 album, Threadbare, fortunately found its way to my mailbox during the pre-release promotional push. And wouldn’t ya know, just when you think you start to know a band, they go and break up on you. But former Port O’Brien frotnman Van Pierszalowski – who […]

Weezer: Live in San Diego, 2001

I came across this excellent bootleg last week, which finds power-poppers Weezer at a pivotal time in their musical evolution: Following the extended hiatus that befell the band after the commercial failure of Pinkerton, this show features the band blasting out old favorites and debuting songs from the soon-to-be-released Green Album, live in 2001 to a […]

Mr. Lif: “Brothaz (9th Wonder remix)”

Remixes have long vexed me: gratuitous overexposure of a song or worthwhile artistic endeavor? (My co-hort Royce is rolling his eyes as he reads this.) I know remixes have their place in deejays’ crates and the dance clubs. But casual listening is another story. I don’t necessarily think a remix waters down an original, but […]

Parental Discretion Iz Advised

This has to be one of the most genius interpretations of edited audio I’ve ever come across. A friend sent me this link, which contains mp3s of N.WA.’s classic Straight Outta Compton edited down to just the explicit portions of each song. I might say this person had too much time on his or her […]

Leading off …

My very first post. How, um, historic. I’m a little self-conscious because this seems an exercise in egotism. But, ostensibly, this space will serve mostly as an area to force the will of my musical tastes upon my (few) visitors. Ideally, I will highlight bands and musicians (via MP3s, Q&A’s, etc.) from this fine state […]