New Baby Dayliner: You Push I’ll Go

It’s been a long weekend of birthday parties and booze. This new Baby Dayliner track, You Push I’ll Go, seems an appropriate way to wrap up the festivities. The low-end beat, wrapped in warm synths, seems both excited and weary, the highs and lows of working a weekend out. I’ve made no bones about being […]

New Baby Dayliner: “Dolemite”

Look, I think we should talk. Me and you. I just don’t want you to be surprised or alarmed if Baby Dayliner’s Critics Pass Away LP ends up on my best-of list for the year, OK? I know all the anonymous commenters will hate it. But I think you, you will understand. Have you heard […]

Baby Dayliner: “The Morning Sun” video

Ah, Baby Dayliner. He’s threatening to become the most-posted-about artist at this here site if he’s not careful. That’s a good sign, though, because it means his 2006 release, Critics Pass Away (Brassland), is enduring as one of my favorites this year. It also means I’ve outgrown my very initial impression that his stylish loungey […]

Baby Dayliner “Silent Places” video

You know, Baby Dayliner’s Critics Pass Away (Brassland) is one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s not like anything you’ll hear this year, and maybe next. A friend at Brassland tells me Baby Dayliner, who has a loyal following in New York, will be heading out on dates with Mobius Band, including opening […]

10 questions (via e-mail) with Baby Dayliner

My first impressions of Baby Dayliner probably were not unlike those of most first-timers. We saw him open for the National in Los Angeles a few months ago. As fans slowly filtered in, Baby Dayliner coolly took the stage in a button-down shirt and his styled pompadour, drawing inquisitive looks across the venue. If I […]

Baby Dayliner

And now, the post you’ve all been waiting for … well, at least one of you. Allow me to backtrack to the National show in LA last week. Annie and I are having a splendid time at the bar with Justin and his wife, Melissa (two of the nicest people you’ll meet). Then the house […]

Doveman: Castles video debut

With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead cover art. The fine folks at Brassland, home to So Much Silence favorite Baby Dayliner and former home of the National, have offered me (to share with you) the new Doveman video for Castles, from his forthcoming album With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead. Startling […]