Meanest Man Contest: Partially Smart (video)

I knew it would be a daunting task to catch up on e-mails/music/etc. after our two-week trip to Thailand (which was amazing, of course). But I certainly didn’t expect the process to be delayed by surgery for gallbladder removal (had a stone stuck in there) over the weekend, which started with curiously excruciating abdominal pain […]

Meanest Man Contest: new video!

I’m not one to often use exclamation points to get my point across (OK, maybe sometimes). But I think after watching the new video for Meanest Man Contest’s Throwing Away Broken Electronics, you’ll be pretty amped up, too. What’s not to like about the video, directed by Greg Tuzin? Slow motion. Women in bikinis with […]

Meanest Man Contest 7-inch

It’s time for a little honesty: I’m on the take. Yes, my man Hunter at Macktronic just hooked me up with a T-shirt from his 7-inch label, Gold Robot Records. And now I’m going to post on the label’s latest release with Meanest Man Contest, due out Sept. 1. It’s shameful, but I’ll do anything […]